An Irish folksinger from Portland named Peter Yeates headlined the very first Sisters Folk Festival in 1995. He came back for the ’98 Festival. He was a character. I was a drinking man back then, and we had us some fun at the ’98 afterparty, tipping back pints, banging on guitars and singing boozy, bawdy songs.

Peter Yeates.

One of my favorite moments came when he sang The Wild Colonial Boy to the tune of Ghost Riders in the Sky. It works.

I got to thinking of Peter while reading the brand new tome on Breaker Morant by Australian Peter FitzSimons. Another character. A prolific historical storyteller, a former rugby standout and the leader of Australia’s republican movement, married to a famous and lovely TV presenter named Lisa Wilkinson. Known for his signature headgear — a piratical scarlet bandana do-rag.

His wife explained why he wears it.

“A few are asking about the the bandana and why Pete wears it. It was actually a very sweet thank you present from our kids after a fabulous family holiday we all had in Cuba,” she wrote.

“It was all they could afford and it meant the world to Pete that they went to the effort. And the kids are so chuffed that after all these years he’s still wearing it.”