Cowboys We Are And Cowboys We Shall Be

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"Cowboys we are, and cowboys we shall be." So said Pancho Villa to his old compadre and military advisor Felipe Angeles in 1918. Villa had fallen from the heights as commander of the Division del Norte after several crushing defeats in 1915. He had eluded Pershing’s Punitive Expedition, sent to capture him after he raided the U.S. town of … [Read more...]

Bad News

  I just read some very distressing news. Jenny Bennett — off-trail explorer, Boer War and Rhodesia historian, has died. According to a post from her brother on her two blogs, “She was following her passion, hiking in the Smoky Mountains, and evidently she had an accident. She was located in one of her favorite hiking areas, Porter’s … [Read more...]

The Cartel


  I’m gonna go contemporary on y’all for a bit. Make no mistake, this is a Frontier Partisan story, but it lacks the beautiful patina of time that covers the dark and grim stories of the bad old days with a certain romantic glow. This is the raw, real shit that goes down on the southern U.S./Mexico Border every day. It’s Borderland Noir … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to a Frontier Partisan Bard

Allan Quatermain, archetypal Frontier Partisan hero, and his love, the Boer farm girl Marie Marais.

H. Rider Haggard was born on June 22, 1856. He was the author of "King Solomon's Mines," Allan Quatermain," "She" and many other tales, mostly set in his beloved Africa. His Allan Quatermain was based largely upon the great hunter Frederick Courteney Selous, both in appearance and character. The American scout Frederick Russell Burnham named his … [Read more...]

American Hippopotamus

Coulda been Louisiana meat on the hoof...

It's 1910. America is facing a meat shortage. The population is growing faster than the beef-producing industry can keep up, and folks are getting worried. Two Frontier Partisans — one the greatest scout of his age, the other a black-souled nihilist with a grudge against the British Empire — are working on the problem and they have a radical … [Read more...]

Take It Down


Jonathan Byrd is a folk singer and ace songwriter, a Southerner. He's played the Sisters Folk Festival, which I'm involved with, several times and will be back this year. In the wake of the Charleston Church Massacre, he ran an op-ed on Huffington Post. Read the whole thing; it's worth it. If the massacre in Charleston — or any number of similar … [Read more...]

Frontier Partisans Musical Hero


In honor of what would have been Waylon Jennings' 78th birthday. Here's a fine Frontier Partisan ballad — Steve Earle's "The Devil's Right Hand" covered by Hoss. And two different takes on "Outlaw" — one from 1977 at the peak and a more reflective one from the end of his life...   … [Read more...]

Power’s War


* Hat-tip to Henry’s Western Round-up for scouting this one out. One of my missions with Frontier Partisans is to communicate the reality that what we think of as “the frontier” is too limited. The frontier experience is international, not just a phenomenon of the “Wild West.” And it lasted a lot longer than most folks reckon. Over many … [Read more...]