Massacre at Goliad

Goliad Executions, by Norman Price.

On this day in history, March 27, 1836, the forces of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna perpetrated a war crime against Texian rebels led by Col James Fannin. A column of more than 300 men had marched out of the town of Goliad to relieve the Alamo. Indecisive leadership led them to being caught out on the prairie and surrounded by Mexican … [Read more...]

Reservation Weed

Come have a toke, White Man! Art by John Clymer

This from The Daily Beast:  Amid free Mexican food and fair-trade coffee on Thursday afternoon, 10 powerful Native American tribes will convene to discuss an industry with the potential to transform their respective nations: cannabis. “The Future of Marijuana and Tribes” meeting, hosted by Santa Fe law firm Blaze America, will offer information … [Read more...]

Frontier Partisans Cinema — Gone Banshee


  My girls have gone off on adventures on the road, one to Tucson on business and one to Tahoe and points south for a spring break trip. I’m left with the dog to mind the fort. So I’m doing what any red-blooded shitkicker would do: I’m eating lots of beef, cleaning the guns, playing the guitar and binge-watching Cinemax’s … [Read more...]

Irish Commandos

MacBride's Brigade with its Irish flag. The Irish Transvaalers saw the Boer War as an opportunity to strike a blow at their ancient home. They saw plenty of action.

  Listening to “Mick Ryan’s Lament” got me thinking about other Irish Frontier Partisans who took their fight to “Vampire Great Britain” in the Anglo-Boer War in South Africa, 1899-1902. There were quite a few Irish Republicans in the Transvaal when the war broke out and it was natural for them to sympathize with the Boers. The … [Read more...]

Frontier Partisan Cinema — ‘Western Religion’


Over-the-top pulpy Western action. Discovered thanks to Henry's Western Roundup. The film is set in 1879 Arizona, and centers on a legendary high-stakes poker game played in the mining town of Western Religion, which attracts high-rollers and gunslingers from around the country.  They’re competing for the grand prize: a cross of gold. That poster … [Read more...]

Frontier Musical

Craig McDonald pointed me to this EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for Tom Russell's forthcoming Western opera, or — as he calls it — Frontier Musical. That's Jimmie Dale Gilmore singing "Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie" at the beginning. One of many voices Tom tapped for this project. Enjoy. … [Read more...]

Tonight We Ride, You Bastards!

Villa on SJ after battle Chihuahua

Today marks the 99th anniversary of Pancho Villa’s raid on Columbus, New Mexico. The attack was a tactical failure and a strategic success, drawing the U.S. Army across the border, restoring Villa’s plunging prestige amongst his own people and allowing for a brief resurgence for the guerrilla leader. In the deepest dark of the morning of … [Read more...]

The Magnificent Mannlicher


If I could have ONE rifle that resonates with the heritage of the Frontier Partisans, it would not be one of the obvious choices. No Jacob Dickert longrifle for me; no Hawken nor Winchester nor even the Sharps Big Fifty. No, it would be a later model, the apogee of firearms craftsmanship — the Mannlicher-Shonauer Model 1903. The rifle of Karamojo … [Read more...]

The House of Wolfe


It's a good time for us ardent-hearted lovers of the border noir. First the border balladeer announces his magnum opus (see previous entry) then James Carlos Blake drops his latest contemporary border noir thriller, "The House of Wolfe." Y'all know how much I love the writing of James Carlos Blake. I wasn't expecting to see this till mid-March, … [Read more...]