Frontier Partisan Biathlon


As promised, a treatise on the Frontier Partisan Biathlon. The basic concept is to crank up the heart rate with kettlebell complexes (groups of movements) then settle it down to shoot accurately at 4-inch clay targets at a variety of ranges (roughly 50 meters; 75 meters, 100 meters — I refer to meters because that's the way the tangent sight on … [Read more...]

Haitian Machete Fencing


The world is still full of obscure beauties. Despite the march of commercial monoculture, you can still find living artifacts to thrill the ardenthearted. Take Haitian Machete Fencing. From The Haitian Machete Fencing Project: In Haiti, the traditional art of machete fencing goes by many names, among them Tire Machèt (“Pulling Machetes”). Tire … [Read more...]

Frontier Partisan Cinema — “American Sniper”

Movie Chris Kyle as portrayed by Bradley Cooper.

“American Sniper” has become a surprise box office smash, breaking records for a mid-winter release. Less surprisingly, it has become a flashpoint in the culture wars. For some folks, it’s a depiction of the skill, dedication and sacrifice of American warfighters as represented by one of the elite: Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. For others, the … [Read more...]

Wood Run In Klondike Kate Country

Klondike Kate homesteaded on the sage plains near Brothers, Oregon.

Made a big firewood run yesterday, 70 miles east to the Hatfield Ranch near Brothers, OR. Our friend Dayton Hyde’s family runs cattle out there, and he’s taken down a bunch of water-sucking juniper, so we went out for a couple of truck loads of three-year-down stuff. (Dayton is the son of Dayton O. Hyde, author of “Yamsi” and “Don Coyote” and … [Read more...]

Frontier Partisan Cinema — The Revenant


The Hugh Glass saga is an American epic. Mauled by a grizzly bear in 1823 while hunting in the employ of Andrew Henry’s fur trapping brigade, the mountain man was left to die in the company of two men — one of them a young Jim Bridger, the other a man named Fitzgerald. But Glass didn’t die. Nervous at being alone in Indian country, Fitzgerald … [Read more...]

Frontier Partisans Cinema — More Action on Medieval Frontiers

Saxon badassery, coming to your TV soon. Art by caiomm —

The cultural phenomenon that is “Game of Thrones” has created a rich cultural climate for medieval dramas. Kurt Sutter is following up “Sons of Anarchy” with “The Bastard Executioner,” and we’ve already talked about “Beowulf.” Now comes news that Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Chronicles are being adapted for a drama. Reader Norm Andrews tipped me off … [Read more...]

Making the Past Present

Mark A. Baker is a leader among those who have made a deep study of the 18th Century Long Hunter through the medium of historical trekking.

When I was in my teens a man named Walter J. McCurdy opened a small shop and gallery in Montrose, California, a pleasant little burg nestled amid the suburbs north of Los Angeles. Mac, as he was known, was an artist and a founding member of The American Mountain Men. AMM was considered an elite organization among mountain man reenactors — the … [Read more...]

Frontier Partisan Cinema — Texas Rising

Bill Paxton as Gen. Sam Houston. A towering and complex figure in Frontier Partisan history. Paxton should be good in the role.

  Well, we’ll see. History Channel is rolling out an eight-hour miniseries on the Texas Revolution and the beginnings of the Rangers on Memorial Day weekend. After the excellent “Hatfields & McCoys,” and the well-done “Bonnie & Clyde,” I’d like to be excited, but recent efforts by History Channel leave me deeply … [Read more...]

Stuff That Works — The Ol’ .22


Never sell the ol’ .22 boys Never sell the ol’ .22 ’Cause the ol’ .22 killed a gopher or two So don't ya never sell the ol’ .22  — Corb Lund Over the years, I have been privileged to own and shoot some fine rifles. (Some nice shotguns, too, but that’s another story). From .17 to .50 caliber, from muzzleloaders to machine guns, I’ve had … [Read more...]

Bush War Against Poachers Grinds On


There is a shooting war going on in Africa, and it does not involve Islamist terrorists. It’s a war over a natural resource — the declining population of rhinoceros. Poachers can make bank on rhino horn and are willing to risk death to slaughter the rhinos for the prize. Rangers are willing to fight and kill to protect the ancient beasts. Poachers … [Read more...]