The House of Wolfe


It's a good time for us ardent-hearted lovers of the border noir. First the border balladeer announces his magnum opus (see previous entry) then James Carlos Blake drops his latest contemporary border noir thriller, "The House of Wolfe." Y'all know how much I love the writing of James Carlos Blake. I wasn't expecting to see this till mid-March, … [Read more...]

Ballads of the Frontier Partisans — Tom Russell’s Magnum Opus


I’ve heard Tom Russell talking about this magnum opus for many years now. Looks like he got ’er done. According to his website, "The Rose of Roscrae” is available for pre-order from "The Rose of Roscrae" is Tom's new record, a Ballad of the West, 20 years in the making. This is a double record with 52 tracks — 25 new Tom … [Read more...]

Frontier Partisans Cinema — Black Robe

The lands of New France must have seemed fantastical in their strange and alien nature, as represented by a dwarf shaman encountered along the journey in "Black Robe."

  Friend Lane has reconnected me with one of the masterpieces of Frontier Partisans cinema: "Black Robe." This 1991 Bruce Beresford film is a must-see for anyone with even the slightest interest in the fraught history of the meeting, mingling and clashing of European conquerors and the indigenous peoples of North America. It is set … [Read more...]

Book Lust


Man, I’ve got it bad. “Chronicles of War: Apache & Yavapai Resistance in the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico, 1821-1937” is out. $60 for the real book. $25 for the e-book on Kindle and NOOK. Based on three decades of extensive fieldwork and exhaustive research in manuscript and published sources, Berndt Kuhn chronicles more … [Read more...]

On Atrocity

Militiamen brutally slaughtered 96 innocent Christian Indians in a 1782 atrocity in the Ohio Country.

Barack Obama makes a better professor than he does a president. Using the National Prayer Breakfast to remind the West not to “get on our high horse” about atrocities committed in the name of religion because our own slate is far from clean was a lame move for the leader of a country that is still at war with a rattlesnake rick of Islamic … [Read more...]

Adventures on the Primal Frontier

Frontier hunters, wild and savage lands, dinosaurs...

Regular Frontier Partisans reader Eccentric Cowboy aka Austen Confer has committed a publishin'. Just the other day he announced the publication of "Primal Frontier: The Hunter From The Red Hills." Congrats, pard! Check out his blog here: It's finally here! The very first Primal Frontier is up and available for purchase! Months of hard work and … [Read more...]

Sticking To Your…Hat

Walt Longmire is PISSED.

PINEDALE, Wyo. –  The new sheriff of a Wyoming county has banned his deputies from wearing cowboy hats and cowboy boots, a change that led one longtime deputy to retire rather than give up his Western attire. Sublette County Sheriff Stephen Haskell imposed the new dress code in the western Wyoming county that includes Pinedale, which True West … [Read more...]

Viking Strong!


Literally one for the sagas. This is almost unbelievable.  From A.V. Club: Actor, weightlifter, and king of the stones Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, best known to Western audiences as Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane on HBO’s Game Of Thrones, has shattered yet another record in his terrifying quest to become the Earth’s strongest man. But unlike the … [Read more...]

Frontier Partisan Biathlon


As promised, a treatise on the Frontier Partisan Biathlon. The basic concept is to crank up the heart rate with kettlebell complexes (groups of movements) then settle it down to shoot accurately at 4-inch clay targets at a variety of ranges (roughly 50 meters; 75 meters, 100 meters — I refer to meters because that's the way the tangent sight on … [Read more...]